Statkevich: I have never wanted to be a hero

Nations cannot exist without heroes, ex-political prisoner Mikalai Statkevich told Euroradio. But he does not consider himself a hero.

Statkevich: "There are no nations without heroes. But I have never wanted to be a hero, I only waned to be and remain a decent man. If there were no heroes ready for sacrifice, it would mean that we had been devised.”

The politician recalled the youth activists imprisoned for the so-called ‘anarchists’ case’ who had been released together with him and Young Front member Zmitser Dashkevich released earlier. These peopel are the future of the Belarusian democratic movement, he believes.

Mikalai Statkevich was a presidential candidate in 2010. He was arrested on the Election Day. The politician was sentenced to 6 years of imprisonment ‘for the organization of mass riots’ in May 2011. Mikola Statkevich was pardoned by the President together with the other five political prisoners on August 22. 2015. He did not plead pardon.

Photo: Euroradio