State newspaper urges to introduce art censorship

Цензура в Беларуси

Censorship / Euroradio / Еўрарадыё

The state newspaper "Zviazda" has published an article calling for the introduction of artistic censorship in Belarus. The article was written by Alena Kisel, a student of philology.

In the article she discusses the types of censorship and comes to the general conclusion that there is nothing wrong with it.

"We will soon have an urgent need for artistic censorship. I mean the inadmissibility in print of frankly talentless texts written illiterately and in obviously bad language. Hundreds and thousands of books are now being printed, either by acquaintance or because they are suitable for a series. These books have nothing unique about them and contribute nothing to literature. People do not buy them, do not read them (if people read them, they immediately forget them, or even write negative reviews)," writes the author of "Zviazda".

The author talks about the books written in "bad language" in the country where Mikalai Charhinets received the status of a national writer.

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