State Holiday

Beauty Run on 8 March 2019 in Minsk / Euroradio

Nearly 5000 women ran in central Minsk to mark Women's Day.

Photo from Siarhei Navumchyk's book Seven Years of National Revival

27 August was marked as Belarus' Independence Day until mid-1990s.

Photo: Reuters

Female soldiers have taken part in the July 3 march for the first time ever.

Photo: BELTA

The Honorable Guards accompanied the celebrations in Minsk to mark 100 years since the 1917 October Revolution.


Lukashenka moved the Independence Day from July 27 to July 3 in 1996 but the opposition gathered on July 27 a year later.

Independence Day in 1990s. Photo:

Belarus marked Independence Day on 27 July until 1996 when President Lukashenka initiated the shift to 3 July.

Fair World party activists reported the incident to the police when they came to lay flowers to the October revolution leader.

This should not be a national holiday. It is meant for a certain political grouping, LDP says in a statement.

The monument will be moved from the territory of the plant.