Liberal Democratic Party protests against November 7 national holiday

The Liberal Democratic Party is against the celebration of the October Revolution Day, the Supmre Council of the LDP's Central Committee announced.

It is necessary to change the status of the holiday, in the view of the party. “It is not a national holiday. It is meant for a certain political grouping – the Communist party. They can celebrate November 7 and Lenin’s birthday if they like. But this is a corporate holiday. Any revolution including the October Revolution brings death, war and violence. There are no good revolutions,” the party announced.

The October Revolution mottoes have not been fulfilled: “Peasants have not received land, whole villages were dying of starvation and terror. Workers have not got factories either.”

Bolsheviks created Soviet Belarus in defiance of their attitude to the Belarusian people: “They had to create BSSR despite the political processes that had started in our land after the revolution of 1917.”

LDP has suggested abolishing the holiday or renaming it to the Day of Reconciliation like in Russia.