Secrets of Babruisk fortress (pictures)


The fortress has turned into the site of horrible murders and a place for gatherings of religious radicals, hearsay suggests. The Babruisk Fortress, a 19th-century culture and history heritage site, was built by Karl Operman and was designed to protect the city from the West. In reality, it surrounded almost the whole Old Town.

The fortress was first buit as a unique project with no analogues in the world. The bricks had a special shape and there was no right angle in the building's facades.

Operman avoided right angles with just one aim in mind. Enemy's shells had to hit the building at a sharp angle and slip off the structure. After Operman's death, one of the towers was named after him.

During the Soviet times, the fortress was home to a military unit which was later disbanded.

The European Radio for Belarus offers you a photo report to display the curren condition of the history and architecture heritage site.