Council of Europe's head: Moldova may become trouble spot

Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland has published an article dedicated to Moldova in The New York Times. The Moldovan authorities should take urgent measures to fight corruption and strengthen the banking system, to reform the political institutions and the judicial system. Otherwise, the country may face ‘a security crisis’ that may spread far beyond the Moldovan borders.  

A large-scale conflict is unlikely to hit Transnistria now. However, the tension may result in the loss of control, RBK quotes Jagland. Many in Moldova worry that Transnistria could become the next Crimea, an anxiety that has been further fueled by appeals for Russian protection from some of the province’s civic groups.

Jagland has urged Chişinău to learn from Ukraine’s experience. “We should not forget that the crisis in Ukraine started because people were disappointed in political institutions,” he stated.

Photo: AP