Schukin begs to raise funds for political fines


Valery Schukin, a prominent Belarusian human rights activist, was again detained in the northern city of Vicebsk after police were displeased with him begging in order to pay off his fines, writes A local court had earlier fined Schukin to Br250,000 to be paid as a compensation to an official from the regional electoral commission whom the oppositionist accused of rigging the vote count.

Schukin stood on a bridge, holding a poster which requested "to help a 65-year-old pensioner Valery Schukin pay 37-year-old Tatsiana Buyevich for moral damages". The opposition activist gathered just Br1200 before he was detained police.

He was released two hours later. But police said he could only stand with a begging hand, but without a poster. In respond, the "begger" promised that he would beg in front of the house where the above-mentioned electorcal commission official lives.