Scandal on STV: actress plays role of the lady who got sunburns in a tanning salon


The story of a Minsker Alena Pelipas has blown the internet. The STV TV-channel published on its website the report dedicated to a young lady who complained about getting sunburns in a tanning salon. Due to the neglect of duty by the salon's administration, the TV-channel informs, the lady got burns in 15 minutes. Alena Pelipas showed her red arms, burnt face and said she wanted to demand a compensation from the tanning salon for the ruined journey and damaged looks.

However, Komsomolskaya Pravda has learnt that the role of a sunburnt woman was played by an actress. Alena Pelipas participates in different TV-programs, cinema episodes, crowd scenes, but it was the first time she was asked to play a part like this.

The manager says that they had an agreement with the STV TV-channel that they will write in the captions "Alena Pelipas, actress", but they called her a victim in the TV report. Later, this news has been re-published by the portal and other Belarusian websites. The actress and her manager are dissatisfied with the negative comments of the websites' visitors. The manager says they asked to withdraw the news or to moderate comments but the website's administration refused to do that. Now Alena Pelipas and her manager are going to complain to the city prosecutor's office about this website for the insults of the actress.

The STV press-center avoided giving comments on the situation.

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