Savinykh: We will save Belarusian hostage

Head of Belarusian MFA's press office Andrei Savinyh told Euroradio:

Savinykh: "We are looking into all the details of the incident. For this purpose, our Embassy to Syria and other sources are being used. If the hostage is a Belarusian, we will try to save her."

This needs to be done regardless of the fact that Syria has been involved in a civil war for almost two years. "This is about human life, and there can be no compromise here," Savinykh said.

The video showing a young woman calling herself Sviatlana Markiyanovich from Belarus confess to spying for Hezbollah appeared on YouTube on August 9. Sviatlana Markiyanovich is likely to be a resident of Zhodzina. It is not clear how she reached Syria, who sent her there and why.

The rebels fighting the Assad regime opponents represent a conglomerate of different forces, inlcuding deserters from the Syrian army, terrorist groups connected with Al-Qaeda and gangs. The Lebanese militant group Hezbollah supports the Syrian government in the conflict.