Rygor Baradulіn hospitalized in serious condition

A Belarusian people’s poet Rygor Baradulіn was delivered to the reanimation of the President’s Administration hospital. A friend of the Baradulins Ala Sakalouskaya informed the European radio for Belarus: “He felt bad at 8 .m. on Thursday. Convulsions started. His wife knows how to get rid of them and he soon fell asleep. And then she phoned me and said he could open his eyes but was  not reacting  to anything.

We called the ambulance. Doctors said it was not infarction or stroke. He was examined and placed in the reanimation.

We talked to the doctor today and he said the poet was in a serious condition because some phlegm appeared in his trachea and an inflammation was starting there. They seem to have drawn it off but he is still having fever. He understands what they are saying but he must be too exhausted”.

Photo by  photo.bymedia.net