Russian skiers become Belarusian citizens

 Photo: Euroradio

Three former Russian skiers (Yuliya Tikhonova, Polina Seronosova and Mikhail Kuklin) – who trained with Belarus national team have finally become Belarusian citizens.


"They have Belarusian passports. They are Belarusian citizens now,” head of the Belarusian Ski Federation  Andrei Kavalenka assured Euroradio. “They will participate in the selection and are on the preliminary Olympic list.”

These sportsmen have been r representing Belarus at international competitions for several years without being Belarusian citizens. For instance, they were no Belarusians at all in the women’s team. They were candidates for participation in the Olympic Games-2018 but had to become Belarusian citizens for it.