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Russian pilots arrive in Belarus to participate in military exercise (photo)


Russian aviation - airplanes and helicopters- has been brought to Belarus to participate in the military exercise West-2017. The press service of the Belarusian Ministry of defense cannot tell the exact number of aircrafts. It is only known that more than 40 airplanes and Helicopters, Belarusian and Russian will participate in the maneuvers West-2017 that will begin on September 14. Russians have received ‘a warm welcome’ in our country, the agency Vayar reports.

Russian fighters MiG-29SMT landed in Belarus on Thursday. The members of a Russian air regiment arrived first. They were followed by engineers and all the necessary equipment. “We have one sky and we are ready to defend it together,” commander of a Belarusian military unit colonel Yury Pyzhyk said. Excursions and concerts have been prepared for the Russians in Belarus.