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Russian army soils Minsk woods and its reputation

"Garbage integration" as it is / Euroradio

A forest near Minsk looks a mess after the Russian army stayed there. First, the Belarusian military left piles of junk in the forest training camp near the village of Vyaliki Trastsyanets. Now, Russian Aemy's garbage adds to the layers left behind by Belarusian soldiers.

This landscape opens up to a person who wants to take a walk in the forest near Vyaliki Trastsyanets / Euroradio

A souvenir from the Russian Army

The military training area in the woods is literally full of colorful plastic packaging, tin cans and boxes of Russian dry rations.

What a sight / Euroradio

Tins and soup cans have the addresses of Russian producers.

Jars of "Baikalskaya Canning Company" can now be found in the Belarusian forest / Euroradio

What makes you think it was the Russian military who did this?

Some packages even have "NOT FOR SALE" written on them. That means not for civilians but for military consumption.

The military were too lazy to destroy the junk that indicated they were in the woods. For example, a board from the bedside table with the articles of the Internal Service Regulations of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Or a sign from the tent of "Senior Warrant Officer Manzurov."

The Belarusian Armed Forces use the Russian regulations / Euroradio
Aren't you ashamed, Senior Warrant Officer? / Euroradio

Two years ago, Euroradio wrote about this site as the military most likely soiled it. Apparently, they never learned how to collect waste in trash bags.

Then, garbage was found at the site of the training camp, indicating the probable presence of service members from the military unit 31802 -- the second engineering (camouflage) brigade. It is several kilometers away from the covered-up forest camp.

However, it may well be that now the Belarusian military could have piled up the heaps of waste without the participation of the Russians. Unless, of course, the Belarusian army issues Russian dry rations, uses the Internal Service Regulations of the Russian Armed Forces, and eats Baikalskaya Canning Company stew.

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