Romania extradites Moldovan carder to Belarus

Screen grab from the police video.
Screen grab from the police video.

Interpol agents have carried out the extradition of a Moldova national from Romania to Belarus, reports the press office of Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The woman is charged with theft using computer technologies and illegally coming into possession of computer information. She is facing up to 15 years in prison.

According to the law-enforcement agency, from February to March 2013 the woman was part of a group of carders 'making money' in the Belarusian cities of Orsha, Homiel and Minsk. The criminals installed hidden video cameras and skimmers on ATMs, copied information from the bank card magnetic stripes and PIN codes. They would later make fake bank cards and used them to withdraw money from cash machines. The group stole a total of over 630 million (non-denominated) Belarusian rubles.

The woman was in hiding on the territory of European Union. She was wanted by Interpol since March 2015. In early 2019, the woman was detained by Romanian border guards when crossing the border of Romania.

The Office of Belarus' Prosecutor General and Investigation Committee sent a request to Romania asking to extradite the woman charged with cyber crimes. In May, Romania agreed to extradite the Moldovan national, who had been under temporary arrest in Romanian custody.