Right Sector member’s sentence to be pronounced in Minsk today

Taras Avatarau’s sentence will be pronounced by Minsk Frunze District Court on Thursday, May 5. The 29-year-old inhabitant of Navapolatsk who returned to Belarus from the Ukrainian ATO zone is facing up to 5 years of imprisonment. He is accused of illegal possession of arms and ammunition and of contraband (p.2 of article 295 and p.2 of article 228 of eth Criminal Code).


Avatarau was detained at Minsk Railway station last November. He is a militant from the Right Sector, the state TV channels announced. He had a bullet proof vest, a flare gun and a blasting assembly made of a fragmentation grenade on him. However, it was a signal assembly, Avatarau said.


He is hoping for the minimal punishment because he gave himself up, helped the investigators and pled guilty. Furthermore, he … prevented a terrorist act in Minsk, Avataru claimed in court. The assumed terrorist act was directed against the representatives of the self-declared republics ‘DPR’ and ‘LPR’ who visited Minsk to take part in meetings of the contact group on Ukraine.

Taras Avataru used to be known as Pospih before 2011.