Reports: National Bank tells banks to restrict rouble fluctuations

СМІ: Нацбанк рэкамендаваў банкам абмежаваць ваганні курсу рубля

The National Bank has recommended that commercial banks stuck to the official rouble exchange rate. The verbal recommendation pronounced on January 14 means that the rouble exchange rate should not differ from the official exchange rate by more than 2% in currency exchange offices, BelaPAN reports.

The rouble crossed the psychological maximum of Br20 thousand on the day the recommendation was pronounced. The fluctuation totalled 3-4% back then. However, the banks stick to the National Bank’s recommendation now – the exchange rates do not differ from the official one by more than 2%.


The authorities have reacted to the devaluation of the national currency this way, experts think. They are trying to limit speculations and panic.