Yellow Brick Road present single "Line of Lies" (download)


yellowbrickroad-line_of_lies_0.mp3 download

It has the corresponding
"opening" mood of something that is about to start. But all the songs
of "FUTUREMENTAL" will be different, Yellow Brick Road promise.

album is multilayer like a hamburger or an explosive bullet! - Yan Maksimovich,
the front man of yellow Brick Road, says. – The stylistics is different and you
will find a lot of progressive rock and electronic music and, of course, rock
in our new album. The song is the beginning of everything on the disc and only
one layer of our "explosive bullet". Every layer of the album will have
a corresponding track."

By the way,
the band's cooperation with lyricist Zmitser M.Epshtein started with the composition
"Line of Lies". He wrote lyrics for some of the compositions of the album.

The album "FUTUREMENTAL" will be out on  December 12, 2012 (12.12.12) and its concert
presentation will be organized in the club  Re:Public
on December 28.