Tell the Truth in another 'non-registration' attempt


Although Tell the Truth! does not believe in the
permission of the Ministry of Justice, its members are getting ready. They will
organize a special meeting dedicated to it on April 13. Deputy leader of the
campaign Andrei Dzmitryyeu told Euroradio:

Dzmitryyeu: “Our approach
is very serious; we have studied all the legal experience and mistakes – there should
be no legal problems. But the Ministry of Justice can only make a political decision.
It cannot be a legal decision unless we miss a comma somewhere. However, it
will be “a political comma decision” anyway.”

Minsk and
regional activists will attend the meeting. The statute and administration of the
organization will be chosen and approved there.

The first constituent
assembly of Tell the Truth! was held
on November 23, 2010. The second one took place on June 18, 2011. The Ministry of
Justice has already refused “Nyaklyayeu’s campaign” twice.