Szerepka: Belarus' regime shows no intention to release political prisoners

Poland's Ambassador held a press-conference dedicated to the end of Poland's presidency in the Council of the EU in Minsk.

Leszek Szerepka spoke about political interaction of Poland, the EU and Belarus. According to him, "the relations are frozen as the political prisoners are still in prisons and the Belarusian regime shows no intention to release them today". The Ambassador also reminded that Belarus had ignored the Eastern Partnership summit, "Belarusian side slows down the start of Euronest’s work".

The Ambassador has also informed that they sent a note asking to meet with the political prisoners to the Belarusian MFA, but they responded that "it was not our competence or our business".

Szerepka also told about the negotiations with Belarus on the visa regime: "We have not received a response from Minsk with regard to our suggestion on the visa regime simplification for 6 months [from Minsk]. We wanted Belarusians to pay EUR 35 instead of 60. The Belarusian officials only stated that it was "not a priority for Belarus". Probably, they think that Belarusians are rich and 60 euros is not money for them".

The EU's projects for 50 million euros are realised in Belarus

Head of the EU's representation in Belarus Maira Moora has said this at the press-conference.

Maira Moora: "If we cease cooperation between the EU and Belarus it will cause losses to the people of Belarus. Therefore, we continue our cooperation on some projects, for the sum of 50 million euros".