State sells out people's property while people cannot buy it


Chairman of the State Property Committee Heorhi Kuznyatsou offers to sell the so-called minority interests of "Belaruskali" and "Naftan". Maybe we should go and buy a couple of shares, a small piece of public property?

"Although these are public companies, at present 100% of their shares is 100% are owned by the government and there are none of them at the market," - official partner  of "Alpari" in Minsk Vadzim Iosub disappoints us.

If it comes to the sale of the shares, it would be a single package with 10% at a price not less than $ 3 billion. Well, let us make some noise in the social networks: let our citizens chip in together and this package will go to the people of Belarus. So that our “family silver” would not be taken by some Russians or Chinese with Indians.

Vadzim Iosub: "In our country, selling of anything, including shares, to the citizens for foreign currency is not provided. Selling for roubles makes no sense, as the meaning of this sale is attracting new currency. "

Yes, $ 3 billion, according to the experts - is about a third of all foreign exchange reserves of citizens in Belarus. Collecting so much money, even in theory, would be a big problem.

Okay, but there are enterprises more attractive to a potential buyer of the shares, like MAZ and BelAZ. Take their shares and will live on dividends!

"It’s impossible to go and buy some shares! - Iosub breaks off immediately. - You need to know the person or company who own the share personally, you should have their consent to sell it, agree about the sale and price, and then go to a special company called a "professional participant of the securities market" and register this bargain there. The process is very time-consuming, bureaucratic ... "

How can it be - we cannot buy something which belongs to all of us, as we are repeatedly told by the state leader! Our interlocutor surprises us – this wealth does not exactly belong to the people.

Vadzim Iosub: "Now it is not called "public property ", it's called "state property. " No one says it belongs to the people - it belongs to the state. And, perhaps, it is a bit different thing in legal terms. "

In fact, it’s not that bad, experts one of Minsk companies engaged in securities calm Euroradio correspondent down.  They offer to purchase the shares of "Kommunarka" for 5 million roubles apiece. However, they give a fair warning:

"At this stage, you'd better not hope to earn on it. The shares, at least the ones for sale, are not sufficiently liquid - it will be very difficult to sell them, especially to sell profitably. "

Last year, 2323 joint stock companies provided their shares to the stcok trades. However, buyers were interested in the shares of just 356 of them.