Sannikau negotiates with European politicians. In Twitter.

Andrei Sannikau has discussed the warming of the Belarusian-Swedish relations with Sweden's Foreign Minister Carl Bildt. 

Carl Bildt ‏@carlbildt: After some difficulties, we will soon send a chargé back to run our Embassy in Minsk in Belarus. Good for everyone.

Andrei Sannikov ‏@A_Sannikov: @carlbildt sincerely hope not at the expense of principles

Carl Bildt ‏@carlbildt: @A_Sannikov You know our policy remains the same! We will continue to stand strongly for human rights also in Belarus.

Andrei Sannikov ‏@A_Sannikov: @carlbildt glad to hear that.

As for the statements about the start of the dialogue between the West and the official Minsk, Andrei Sannikau has briefly discussed them with President of the Commission on HR and Democracy of OSCE PA Matteo Mecacci

Matteo Mecacci ‏@MatteoMecacci: Interesting initiative. Milinkevich, Niakliaeu and Janukevich urge West to start a dialogue with Lukashenka

Andrei Sannikov ‏@A_Sannikov: @MatteoMecacci what's so interesting and new in a dialogue with dictator?

Matteo Mecacci @MatteoMecacci: agree, but also dangerous when "properly" used by lobbyists.

Andrei Sannikov ‏@A_Sannikov: @MatteoMecacci agree, but also dangerous when "properly" used by lobbyists.