One group of ticket collectors can fine 15 students every morning


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I notice a cadet of the Academy of the Ministry
of Internal Affairs on bus #19. The conductor is checking everyone's tickets
but does not reach the girl due to a quarrel at the back of the bus. Then she says
that there are no problems with cadets because they always pay the fare.

She notes that her daughter studies at Belarusian
State University of Physical Culture and always asks her to buy her a season ticket
because she meets ticket collectors quite often.

The cadet I met near the bus stop had bought
her decade ticket for 21 thousand roubles. She bought it herself because "the
Academy does not help pay the fare".

Ticket collectors get on the bus all of a
sudden. Three students show their tickets. One of the ticket collectors says that
they manage to fine up to 15 students every morning. Not bad!

"Agency Minsktrans" assures that
no special raids are organized to fine students. They use public transport

"Agency Minsktrans": “Students
are everywhere. It is difficult to find a route used by students".

But what are ticket collectors doing on the
way from the campus and why can they fine so many students in several hours?..

A season ticket for two kinds of transport
costs 82 thousand roubles. It is 1/7 of a BNTU student's monthly scholarship.