New electronic music in Vitsebsk — That Sky & Noise Beats. Download!


The new album of the That
Sky & Noise Beats
published by the label Ezhevika, one
of those few Belarusian labels which still try to find original authentic
Belarusian electronics. A kind and modest musician from Vitsebsk That
 — Alyaksandr Haluziy — a sportsman-methodologist in
the future, wrote exactly this kind of music today.

The main peculiarity of this "electronic" album is that live
instruments are used in it. This is the way Sasha's role model, British
musician Bonobo does:

is real live base, acoustic guitar, and drums, in this release. However, what I
am really proud of, is live violin and piano"
 — Sasha Haluziy told Euroradio and
said he hoped that people would listen to his album carefully and attentively.

want to get to your souls,
 — Sasha says. — I want you to perceive my
emotions and put it through yourself. Enjoy listening to the album and have a
good mood!


Download the album (50,7 Mb).