Euroradio finds out President's web-site re-designer


"Br 300K for the President’s web-site is not that expensive.
Similar projects in other, even neighboring countries, are much more expensive.
In fact, this is a big project, which includes a set of software, data and hardware,
partner of the company “Astronym” Bahdan Karavets has told


"Astronym" was one of the companies that offered to do the work on
the new site of Lukashenka. However, the company was dissatisfied by the work
conditions and refused. According to the experts, the site itself will cost
only 20-30% of the total. The rest of the sum will be paid for the things
"invisible" to normal eye. Safety, for example.

Bahdan Karavets’ company developed the websites of the KGB and the Ministry of
Sports. However, these resources were a lot cheaper, as they look as usual
"bulletin boards."

are other government sites in ByNet, the value of which is comparable to the
cost of the new Lukashenka’s site. Or even surpass it.

"Maybe it's only the «Electronic Belarus «project, which cost millions
dollars. Or the project of the site for online trading of Belarusian products.
The prices are comparable with the ones mentioned above. And that's fine.

The current website of the
Belarusian leader was developed in 2004 by the IBA specialists. Later, it was
considerably revised by the specialists from the BSU and BELTA. Euroradio has
tried to find out who won the tender for the new site. There have been rumours
in the Internet that it was the well-known company EPAM. However, this
information has been refuted.

However, those who seek
will find. Director of the Institute of Application Software Systems Uladzimir
confessed in the victory in the tender. He refused to tell
the details about the new site so far. Like, is it too early to talk about it -
we are working on all relevant documentation.

The institute was established in 1992 to develop software for public
institutions. Its website (a very modest one, by the way) says that 110 people
are working in the establishment.

We’ll see the results of the idea to re-design the site of the state leader in
Spring. At least, the Ministry of Communications promises this.