Director of Minsk meat processing plant detained - why?

"On Friday, they put Uladzimir facedown to the snow and handcuffed him. One of the building companies, which has an office not far from his house, was fulfilling his order in some works at the meat processing plant. Allegedly, to pay for their services, Uladzimir took 4 thousand dollars as a bribe, - one of the neighbours says. - On Saturday, officers of the department for struggle with economic crimes searched his apartment. Some residents of our house were invited as attesting witnesses. The people were surprised when they saw the found cash and precious metals (the details are not published in the interests of the investigation - Euroradio). They also say that he has a cottage in Minsk suburbs, with a very expensive interior."

Having listened to the residents of the house, we call Minsk meat processing plant. Uladzimir Lazouski is not at work. His job is done by his deputy - Larysa Sakalskaya.

Euroradio: There is information that the general director of your plant has been arrested. Is it true?

Larysa Sakalskaya: I cannot clarify anything so far.

Euroradio: But he's not at work, is he?

Larysa Sakalskaya: He's not in the office today. Check details in the competent authorities.

"This case is not in the Investigatory Committee of the Republic of Belarus. It is unknown whether such case exists at all",  head of the department of information and public relations of the Investigatory Committee Pavel Travulka claimed in the evening on April 8. Later, the Investigatory Committee confirmed the fact of Lazouski's detention.

"There is no official information in this regard at the moment,"  informs Ihar Kavaleuski, head of the press-center of Minsk KGB administration.

"We will not comment anything until there appears the information which we can give to the media. Until then, we will not comment on any fact,"  says Kanstantsin Shalkevich, head of the department of information and public relations of the Interior Ministry.