Question at TV-debates "Do you respect Yarmoshyna, or heard about borsch?"


The TV-Channel Belarus-2 showed debates of
the House of Representatives deputy candidates who run at the South-West
electoral district No. 99 in Minsk.

were famous satiric Yauhen Kryzhanouski, acting deputy and Chairperson of the
Belarusian Union of Women Svyatlana Shylava and Chairman of the United Civil
party Anatol Lyabedzka, a confidant of candidate Uladzimir Ramanouski, in the

Shylava is considered to be a pro-authoritative candidate. Kryzhanouski, who
presented the liberal Democratic party, "attacked" her several times.

asked her: "Do you respect Lidziya Yarmoshyna? She used to tell:
"Ladies, don't do politics, cook borsch!" 

Yarmoshyna has a right to say things like that... I respect her", —
answered deputy Svyatlana Shylava.

Anatol Lyabedzka said at the debates that "the
system in the Republic of Belarus reached the dead end in terms of economy,
finance, social life and morality". The key problem, according to
Lyabedzka, is "absence of fair and free elections". He reminded that
there were political prisoners in Belarus, and 7 presidential candidates were
imprisoned after the last presidential election.

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