David Kramer calls for economic sanctions against Lukashenka

has given an interview to the Internet channel ARU.

He thinks that the European Union should impose economic sanctions on the Belarusian regime and the International Monetary Fund should not give any credits to it.

In his opinion, Belarus’ economy is in a freefall. The situation in Belarus is critical. Kramer says that helping the Belarusian regime to collapse will be good for Belarus, Europe and for all supporters of democracy.

Without Russian money and the IMF’s credit, Lukashenka will encounter big problems, notes Kramer. Visa bans and asset freezes against individuals are not sufficient. In Kramer’s opinion, they should not worry about Belarus cooperating with Russia due to the sanctions: it has never happened in reality since Lukashenka came to power. On the contrary, he has always managed to make Russia and the West clash.