“Dai Darohu!" in Minsk! (photo)


Festival "Dayom Rady", February 1. Minsk, the club Re:Public. Akute, Dai Darohu!, :B:N:, Avias, Re1ikt and Clover Club. See
here for more details.

Tired but not defeated, leader of
"Dai Darohu!" Yura Stylski got off the Brest train at 10.33 a.m. Bassist
Kiryl Skamyiin
appeared first and was met by a girl on the platform!

The editorial
office of Euroradio was nearby and we decided to walk there. Yura noticed a buns
and rolls stall and decided to buy some cottage cheese patties and yoghurt for the
whole band.

We were
walking along Leninhradskaya Street when a posh Ford drove out of a yard. "Ihar,
this is the car you need!"
– one of the musicians noted. Suddenly, the
driver rolled down the window and said that the car was for sale! But Ihar
Guseu was not ready to pay $12 thousand for it although the owner kept saying
that it was "the best bargain in Minsk..."


We reached the
editorial office 5 minutes later. Kiryl and Ihar went away after tea and Yura
lay down on the sofa. He needed rest before the concert. We decided not to photograph
him there :)