Czech President-elect Miloš Zeman accused of contacts with Lukashenka


However, the
Czech newspaper Mladá fronta Dnes has
expressed a different opinion. The edition quoted Belarusian Alyaksei Rusheinikau, member of the national
minorities committee of Karlovy Vary Region, on January 29, 2013. According to
him, the Rusheinikaus have known Miloš Zeman "since
the time when he went to reach an agreement with the Belarusian dictator,
Alyaksandr Lukashenka, when he was exercising pressure on the opposition".
His wife passed the security guards on the plane and talked to Miloš Zeman, Alyaksei
Ruzheinikau recalled. "Although Alyaksandr Lukashenka did not listen to Miloš
Zeman, he was the only politician who decided t visit him,"

Lukashenka and
Zeman's meeting may be  the product of Ruzheinikau's
imagination,  the Belarusian House in Prague notes. Nevertheless, the Belarusian House
in Prague has sent an inquiry to Miloš Zeman's election
team asking about the possibility of his meeting with Lukashenka and the future
President's plans to support Belarusian political prisoners.