Is agitation money enough to install billboards in Minsk?


The state allocated 5 million roubles for agitation.
Is the money enough to organize a political campaign? We asked Ukrainian political
scientist Mihail Pograbinski about it.

"Of course, life in Belarus is
cheaper. I think that the prices for ads should also be lower than in Ukraine. However,
600 dollars is peanuts anyway. It is impossible to organize a  serious PR campaign with the money".

Let's imagine that we are candidates and
take 5 million roubles for agitation.

million is enough for leaflets and posters. The leaflets will be black and
white and the posters will be colour. That will give you 50 posters and 6
thousand leaflets", - Andrei Yurkou, a candidate from Horki, has printed
them. But what will the remaining money be good for?

It will not
be enough to install a billboard in Minsk. However, it can be done if your refuse
from all printed materials. According to the price list of "Minskreklama",
producing a  billboard and installing it
in Minsk for one month will cost 550 dollars.

There are also personal funds but very
little money was accumulated there even before the presidential election. That is
why we will not see any agitation billboards in Minsk.

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