10% discount for… speaking Belarusian

Euroradio: How many people have been attracted by your advertisement and started speaking Belarusian to get a discount?

Victar Savich: The advertising campaign started yesterday, on Tuesday. We have received a dozen phone calls. It is not clear whether they will sign contracts because the furniture we offer is made to order. The designer has already visited some people but they have not made a decision yet. The sense of this campaign is not only to attract customers. We want to support the state campaigns “Mom – my language” and “My first word” in business.

Euroradio: Who came up with the idea?

Victar Savich: We talked about promoting our mother tongue a lot with Pyotr Filon, a friend of mine. He is a businessman too. But he is a private entrepreneur and cannot afford a billboard. I work for a big company. We spent three months working on the project. The first billboard is ready; we have ordered it for 3 months. We will keep doing it if the idea is a success. The company works in construction and jewelry.

Euroradio: Is there only one billboard in Homel? Is it enough?

Victar Savich: We have ordered a thousand ads and posters for bus stops. But the action is not political. We just want to support the government’s policy of promoting the Belarusian language in advertisements. The idea was approved in work environment, there was nothing special.

Euroradio: How much will your furniture cost if I order it with a discount?

Victar Savich: A computer desk costs about 700 thousands. The discount is about 100 thousands. Thus, it will cost a bit more than 600 thousands.

Photo: social networks