Raman Vasilyeu: “Investigator said there had been no dispersal on March 25”

Photo: svaboda.org

Raman Vailyeu’s wife has received a letter from her husband imprisoned on suspicion of ‘preparation of mass riots’.  He feels okay and regrets he is not allowed to get books in parcels, Raman wrote to Kasya.

“He wrote that everything was okay. He wrote half of the letter on March 25 and the other half – on March 26. He regrets not being able to get books in parcels but they are giving him some books to read. He only wrote that it was not cold there,” his wife Kasya Vasilyeva told Euroradio.



Raman Vasilyeu was detained on suspicion of ‘preparation for mass riots’. His flat was searched. Raman is a member of the Young Front registered in the Czech Republic. A few other Young Front members have been detained.