Is Rainchyk to blame for Smolava’s defeat?


The singer has not won in “New Wave” because of a Belarusian composer Vasil Rynchyk. Palina Smolava became 4th at the “New Wave” festival in Yurmala. The ex-winner of “Slavyanski Bazaar” is very happy about this result. At the same time, our participant of the contest had a good chance to get in the top-3. She was third in the first and second in the third contest.

The second song was meant to be a smash hit but it put Palina in the 7th position instead. ERB phoned the author of the song Vasil Rynchyk to find out why the song was underestimated.

Raіnchyk: Maybe the reason was the jury – Prima donna was the muse of the festival… and Palina sang a song “Doll Madonna” which resembled the word Prima donna… Maybe it was something like that. Prima donna frowned and it could be the reason. There must be some explanation why Palina did not win.

The head producer of “New Wave” Alyaskandr Reuzin thinks different. He called “Doll Madonna” a kind of variety show and persuaded the singer into remaking the show. Vasil Rainchyk got offended:

Raіnchyk: Who is that know-all? He should better go read some literature on music theory and broaden his knowledge.

Smolava remade the show and now regrets it:

Smolava: A whole show was prepared for it but it turned out to be a simple song. It is very dramatic and has a psychological zest.  It could be presented with the help of costumes and become a zest”.

The singer confessed to ERB that she would not sing “Doll Madonna” at the contest if she could turn back time. However, she is going to sing all her songs at her future concerts and festivals.

We asked Smolava why she had not been lucky enough to win at the contest in Yurmala and she answered:

Smolava: I probably lacked something. Maybe my style is oriented on Europe. They often tell me about it.

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