Radioactive railway car intercepted by Ukraine border guards


The Ukrainian border guards have detained a Minsk-bound radioactive train car that was proceeding from Italy. When inspecting a cargo train at the Hungary-Ukraine border, the level of radiation in one of the train cars was detected as higher than normal. Before environmental control specialists arrived at the scene, border guards identified that the train was carrying over 54 tons of zirconium ore from Italy to Belarus.

The cargo was not accompanied with a certificate that allows the transit of radioactove materials through the territory of Ukraine. The car was dispatched back to Italy, reports Interfax.

In late July, Ukraine was reported to have detained another radioactive train car at the Hungary-Ukraine border. It was again bound for Belarus, according to the supporting documents.

The train was also carrying zirconium ore with the radiation levels three times higher than normal. The documents could not prove that Belarus was ready to accept the cargo. The car was again returned back to Italy.