Presentation of N.R.M. is sold out (photo report)

A presentation of the album “06” of the famous band N.R.M. took place in Minsk club “Fartuna” on October 10.
Visitors of the web site have already had an opportunity to listen to songs from the new album and even took part in the contest of best names for the songs.

That’s why fans were singing together with Lyavon Volski at the concert in “Fartuna”. Our photo report depicts what was happening at the concert and what the atmosphere was like.

Pіt Paulau did not only perform a guitar solo but also managed to join in songs

The audience was inspired starting from the first song

“Krambambulya”s wind band took part in several songs of “N.R.M.”

Volski as a tambourinist during the song “China”

... Aleh “Alizis” Dzymidovich as a vocalist

Excitement on the stage and in the hall

Bassist Yuras Laukou was the calmest musician on the stage

Sometimes Lyavon joked with the audience

Sound technician Aleh Karankou was also busy

Swedish Ambassador Stefan Ericsson, poet Mihal Anempadystau and historiograph of the rock concert Sevyaryn Kvyatkouski are among the fans of “N.R.M.”

The song “Mom, Dad” was performed by the “children’s” cast of “N.R.M.”

Pіt Paulau is satisfied with the concert

... but it was necessary to autograph fans’ discs

Stefan Ericsson came with his son to introduce him in the Belarusian rock culture

The audience kept asking for encores