Poll: Belarusians equally respect and do not trust authorities

Belarusians are inclined to treat the authorities with respect, support and mistrust (20-21 percent of the respondents), while just 3 percent feel hatred towards them. Most of the polled Belarusians (30 percent) are indifferent, according to the poll results released by the All-Russian Center for Public Opinion Studies.
Only 10 percent of Belarusians are ready to support mass protests against 16 percent in Russia and 34 percent in Ukraine. 4 percent of Belarusians are ready to take part in strikes; 1 percent in the blockades of transport lines; 1 percent  -- in armed clashes.

62 percent of the polled Belarusians said they would not take part in any actions. 

According to glavnoe.kharkov.ua, the poll was held in Belarus on March 3-8, 2009. A total of almost 1000 people in all the six regions of the country were polled.