Police allows procession from Kastrychnitskaya Square to Academy of Sciences?


A criminal case has been started in connection with the organization of an unapproved action in Minsk on March 25.
The head of Minsk police Anatol Kulyashou has informed about it at the meeting with the action’s organizers. He warned Іhar Shynkaryk and Anatol Lyaukovіch about responsibility for unapproved actions.

An agreement has been reached during this meeting. On the morning on March 25 the organizers and policemen will inform people at Kastrychnitskaya Square about the route of the procession with the help of loud speakers. They will walk from Internatsyyanalnaya Street to Yanka Kupala Street and then proceed to the Academy of Sciences along the right side of Nezalezhnastsi Avenue.

Lets us remind you that Minsk City Executive Committee had previously allowed the organizers of the Day of Will to gather people near the Academy of Sciences and proceed to Bangalor Square – a traditional place of authorized meetings and pickets.

But information leaflets distributed in the capital are urging people to gather at Kastrychnitskaya Square at about 12 p.m.

Photo by photo.bymedia.net