Plans for low-cost airline in Hrodna

Transport and Communication Minister Alyaksei Auramenka /​
Transport and Communication Minister Alyaksei Auramenka /​

A low-cost airline can be established in Hrodna, Minister of Transport and Communications Alyaksei Auramenka said in the program "Week" on STV.

"We've thought about creating a second Belarusian [airline] company, a cheaper one -- to develop competition and transportation of passengers," said the minister. "First of all, we are considering the Hrodna direction, Hrodna Airport, the Hrodna airline. In the near future we will make a decision on the development of this direction".

The Ministry of Transport hopes that such a project will be interesting for local authorities. "We need to choose certain directions, say, to Israel, and build routes in this direction," says Auramenka.

The Minister of Transport said that our country is open for cooperation with low-cost airlines.