Pills disguising symptoms of intoxication are popular with drivers


“Antipolizei” pills imported from Moscow are in demand in Brest. Drink, swallow the pill and drive. There will be no smell you when you talk to driving inspectors. Meanwhile, the department for public relations of Brest Region Driving Inspectorate informed ERB that 20% of victims of road accidents (35 people) died because of drunken drivers this year. ERB has decided to find out where pills allowing drivers to drink alcohol without the danger of being caught by driving inspectors are sold.

There were no pills in the car market. Our reporter went to the chemist’s situated near the highway Brest-Minsk. M1is the main highway of the country.

Chemist: - We have “Petrazelikaps”. These pills are made in Belarus.

ERB: - They are cheaper – they cost only one thousand. Do drivers buy them?

Chemist: - They do. They have already learned about them.

A well-wisher told us that the pills could also be found in the supermarket “Asstor-Brest” not far from there. Indeed, there were plenty of pills like “Antipolizei”.

Sales-assistant: - There are four pills in a pack. They buy two at a time. I do not know who they buy them for.

ERB: - What do you think about such goods?

Sales-assistant: - These are normal goods. People buy them so it’s okay.

Brest passers-by did not see any danger in the availability of breath aromatizers:

Woman: - Pills? I have never heard about them. I do not pay attention to them.

A couple with a baby carriage: - I think it’s okay. They are not meant for alcohol drinkers only. However, “Antoplizei” is a bad thing. 

ERB asked an officer of the driving inspectorate whether he could distinguish between a sober and a drunken person if there was no smell. He said he could do it by looking in people’s eyes.

A deputy head of the regional driving inspectorate service Syarhei Talynnik did not find anything strange in “Antipolizei” or “Tetrozelikaps” being sold near the highway either. At the same time, the head of the regional Driving Inspectorate Andrei Myahed said he had never heard about it.

Good luck driving!