Photo: Rubtsou lost too much weight in prison

The first pictures of ex-political prisoner Yury Rubtsou have appeared in social networks after his release. The activist has lost a lot of weight.

Yury Rubtsou was released together with the other five political prisoners on August 22.

The Homel inhabitant was sentenced to 1.5 years in a labour camp on charges of contempt of court in the autumn of 2014. The man was detained after Chernobyl Way. Rubtsou was wearing a T-shirt with the inscription Lukashenka , Leave! He was brought to court from Akrestina prison without any shirt two days later. The judge announced that Rubtsou had insulted him.

The political prisoner went on a hunger strike when new charges were brought up against him in April 2015. He was sentenced to two years in colony for sentence evasion. Rubtsou insisted on getting the average wage for his work and was refusing from everything else back then.

The photos show Rubtsou before the arrest and now.

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