People’s interview on Euroradio. Festival season!


The festival season has begun! Its organizers Yan Busel and Zmitser Shauchuk will visit Euroradio’s studio before the first open air. Yan Busel and Zmitser Shauchuk will answer your questions!

Why is festival life in Belarus so inactive? Is it difficult to organize a festival with camps and a shower? When will at least one real open air appear in our country? Does rock need alcohol? What to bring to the camping? Do Belarusians need festivals?

Organizers of The Beatles Shabli Yan Busel and Zmitser Shauchuk  expect any questions from you: even the simplest ones and the most frequently asked.

Naturally, questions about The Beatles Shabli are welcome. These people can help you if you are interested or do not understand something!

You do not have to wait until May 23, you can ask everything now! Leave your questions in the comments and on our accounts in social networks.

Yan Busel and Zmitser Shauchuk will come to our stadium at 3 p.m. on May 23. An online report about the people’s interview will be available on our website.

The person who will ask the most interesting questions will receive two tickets to the festival The Beatles Shabli that will be held in Shabli on June 1.