Paznyak: Rotten empire in the East is in decline

Пазняк: Мы цяпер назіраем дэградацыю гнілой імперыі на Усходзе

Some 50 people on November 8 took part in the authorized rally in memory of the victims of Stalin's repressions. The rally was held at Loshycki Park in Minsk, the site of mass executions under Stalin's rule. The action was traditionally organized by the Conservative Christian Party of the Belarusian Popular Front.

The demonstrators gathered near the Loshycki Palace of Culture and then proceeded to the Loshycki Pits where the rally took place. Due to bad weather, the action lasted only 30 minutes instead of one and a half hours.

The organizers read out the appeal by the leader of Conservative Christian Party of the Belarusian Popular Front Zyanon Paznyak who live in exile abroad. In his speech, he mentioned the reminiscences of a Loshytsa woman which he recorded in the 1980s. According to the woman, when people were being executed, local Komsomol activists were nearby asking NKVD officers to allow them to shoot at 'people's enemies.' "They were allowed to shoot and were paid 50 kopeks for that - peanuts at that time. They were 'titushki' of 1930s. Even nowadays, we can see their criminal activities in the Caucauses, in Ukraine and here in Belarus as well," said Paznyak.

In his view, we are now observing the demise of the 'rotten empire' in the East. "Whet it breaks up completely, the humankind will breathe in relief," reckons the politician. 

The demonstrators sang an unofficial anthem and laid flowers to the memorial sign. Plainclothes agents monitored the rally and video recorded the participants of the action, reports Belapan.

Photo: Radio Racja