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Activists fined again over Kurapaty restaurant protests

Pavel Seviarynets. Photo: Euroradio archives

Pavel Sevyarynets on Friday was fined 1200 roubles or 49 base amounts (nearly $600) and Siarhei Anyankou – 931 roubles or 38 base amounts ($465), Radio Liberty reports. The men were found guilty of disobedience to the police. The activists insist this is not true. 

Judge Viktar Shautsou watched the video of their detention and immediately ruled to award fines Seviarynets and Anyankou.

The activists were detained near the restaurant “Poedem, Poedim” situated near the Stalin-era mass execution site and the Kurapaty memorial on 12 December. They were taken to a police station where officers drew up disobedience to the police reports. Seviarynets and Anyankou spent the night in a detention centre in Minsk.

They were taken to court only in the afternoon.