Partisans ready to derail military trains?

Rail War / collage by Ulad Rubanau, Euroradio
Rail War / collage by Ulad Rubanau, Euroradio

Things are getting serious: military trains can be derailed in Belarus, say the partisans. Train drivers are aware of the dangers of military transport on the Belarusian railroad, says Siarhey Vaitsekhovich, leader of the Railway Community.

"Train drivers are scared. They are instructed to keep a close eye on the railway bed when driving trains on the runs, so as to be able to apply emergency braking if something is lying on the rails".

There is no danger for ordinary passengers. But there is one for those who continue to carry military cargo. And the drivers understand that there is a danger that the train will derail.

Definitely saw "a device"

In late March, law enforcers brutally detained a group of Belarusians suspected of involvement in sabotage on the railroad. The video of this detention appeared in early April on the MIA telegraph channel. Three of the detainees are residents of Babruisk.

“Машинистам страшно”: партизаны готовы пускать военные эшелоны под откос?
Burned relay cabinet near Asipovichy / MIA Belarus

Siarhey says that the drivers who watched the video must have seen "a device" in the trunk of the partisans detained in late March. Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Henadz Kazakevich also spoke about "a specially made device to derail rolling stock".

This device is a Shavgulidze wedge. It is used to derail trains.

“Машинистам страшно”: партизаны готовы пускать военные эшелоны под откос?
The wedge / screenshot from the police footage

"Has this fear affected the number of military trains in Belarus? Are there fewer of them?"

"No, they are still running. But the drivers are afraid. Each of them is afraid that such a device will be put in front of him. And the train he is driving will go off the rails".

According to Siarhey, at the end of March, Belarus resorted to all available resources for detention.

"All of them, both human and material. Authorities used all the resources to detain at least one group of partisans".

They chose two districts for monitoring: Asipovichy and Babruisk. They monitored the network traffic. For example, they analyzed search queries and link clicks. They used a special system to process footage from all surveillance cameras in the area.  

Spotters are also caught during partisan hunts

Random people can also suffer due to guerrilla warfare and partisan hunting on the railroad. For example, spotters who love photographing ships, planes and, the most unsafe option right now, trains.

"Some of them photographed a train on a crossing and were later detained by special forces and put with their face on the ground. But when their IDs were verified, they were released".

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