Over 100 unique puppets presented in Hrodna (photo)

У Гродне паказалі больш 100 унікальных тэатральных лялек (фота)

Over a hundred of unique dolls, theatrical scenery and sketches were displayed for Hrodna residents in the Exhibition Hall. On November 20, there opened an exhibition dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the regional puppet theater.

On its birthday, the theater showed the citizens the best and most popular achievements. The dolls presented came from the very first and the most popular performances in the last five years. For example, the characters "Viy. Terrible Vengeance," "Hunting the Bison", "The Tragedy of Macbeth," "The Adventures of Bibigon", "Suicide", "Sinbad the Sailor," "The Ballad of the White Cherry", "Star-Child" and "The Frog Princess".

The exhibition gathered the theater's best works in the last 35 years, said the chief director of the puppet theater Aleh Zhugzhda. It presented the work of artists who have collaborated with the theatre since the opening, including last major works of the artist Larisa Mikinay-Prabadzyak who has worked there for the last 15 years.

In the puppet theater, the momentous event was marked with an exhibition of Hrodna artists, as well as talent show. In addition, the former canteen of the theater hosted the new city cafe called "Shakespeare". There's no Internet there, the visitors are offered to talk or read a book from the collection of the theater café instead.

Exhibition of puppet theater in the city exhibition hall will run until December 6.