One more opposition’s action to take place on May 1


Opposition parties headed by the Communist Party of Belarus will organize a traditional manifestation and a meeting dated for Labour Day on May 1.

Minsk City Executive Committee has allowed participants to gather at Kulman station near the park of Friendship of Peoples and to proceed towards its centre for the meeting.

In spite of it the organizers of the action do not want to refuse their previous plan and are going to gather people near the Academy of Sciences at 11.30 and proceed towards Bangalor Square and the park where such musicians as Іgar Varashkevіch, Andrei Plyasanau, Zmіtser Bartosіk, Kasya Kamotskaya, Andrei Hadanovіch, Yanka Mauzer and Krou will be performing together with politicians who are to make speeches there.

The authorities have not allowed them to organize the concert.