Observer gets deprived of accreditation twice a day in Minsk

Observer from the campaign Right to Choose 2015 Maria Paklonskaya was deprived of accreditation twice a day in Minsk. The young woman observed the early voting at polling station #65 in Minsk Pershamaiski District.

Paklonskaya noticed that the ballot box was not sealed when the polling station opened, Euroradio reported. She decided to photograph it and was pronounced a verbal warning.

She did not take any pictures but was deprived of accreditation ‘for hindering the work of the election committee’. 3 out of 13 members of the committee made the decision.


Syarhei Vaznyak, Tatstsyana Karatkevich’s accredited representative, came to the polling station to study the problem. The committee members organized a meeting and 11 members took part in it then.


The committee cancelled the previous decision because there had been no quorum. However, they discussed the accreditation issue again and 7 people voted for depriving the young woman of accreditation. 4 commission members abstained.

Maria Paklonskaya is the fifth observer from the campaign Right of Chocie-2015 deprived of accreditation in three days of the early voting.