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NOC knows about Dalidovich, will not interfere


The National Olympic Committee knows about Belarusian skier Syarhei Dalidovich. The sportsman lost his spot in the national team and the support of the Ministry of Sport two months ago. He has launched a crowdfunding campaign to go to the Olympics in Pyeongchang. Dalidovich wants to make sure that his efforts are still needed. It will be the seventh Olympic Games in his career.

However, the NOC will not interfere because is contradicts the principles of this organization.


"We are responsible for the national team as soon as it is created. We pay for transport, accommodation and ammunition. But we do not choose who will join the team. It is decided by sports federations. They are independent,” secretary general f the National Olympic Committee Anatol Kotau told Euroradio.

Almost 100 people donated money for Syarhei Dalidivich’s preparation for the Winter Olympics 2018 in the first 4 days of the campaign.4 thousand roubels (13% of the needed sum) has been collected.