No venue for exhibition devoted to Lithuania's 1000th anniversary in Minsk


The venues were possibly denied because of the stands sbout the "periods of the Soviet occupation". Lithuanians plan to showcase the exhibition to everyone interested at the Lithuanian embassy in Minsk.
On July 8, the Lithuanian embassy in Minsk opened an exhibition devoted to 1000 years of Lithuania. The exhibition tells about the history and culture of the country. It focuses on the emergence of the Lithuanian state and the 1510 Gruendwald Battle. The exhibition also showcases some stands on the period of Lithuania's occupation by Russia.

The Lithuanian embassy failed to organize the exhibition at large exposition halls in Minsk, the European Radio for Belarus has learned. The most likely reason behind the refusal is that the embassy has stands devoted to the "periods of the Soviet occupation in 1940-1941 and 1944-1991. The embassy invites everyone to leave their applications for tours at the site of the embassy (, and excursions will be organized for them by the embassy.

Lithuanian ambassador Edminas Bagdonas said that if Belarusians wanted to organize a similar exhibition in Vilnius, they would be offered the best venues.