No case about pressure on Pastnou to be started


He asked to start a criminal case in connection with pressure being exercised on doctor Ihar Pastnou who is undergoing coercive mental treatment now, BELTA reports.

Ryzhou sent a complaint to the Vitebsk Province Office of the Public Prosecutor on September 16. He tried to sue nine people including the administration of the province, psychiatric and neurological centre, judge Tatstsyana Dzehtsyarova and head of Vitebsk Province Executive Committee Alyaksandr Kosinets. The people “made plans in order to do physical damage to Ihar Pastnou”, the activist thinks.

However, the Office of the Public Prosecutor did not find any elements of a crime in the mentioned facts.

Patsnou was taken to mental hospital after his video appeal had appeared on the Internet. He criticized the state of Vistebsk medicine and coercive hypnotic treatment for alcoholism. He also said that he was being threatened with coercive mental treatment. Pastnou was taken to mental hospital from work on August 16.

It is possible to announce Pasntnou a prisoner of conscience, Amnesty International claimed on August 29.

Ihar Pastnou’s photo: